Garske Hewitt PLC

Marcus and Matt of Garske Hewitt reached out because they were in need of a website update. It had been a while since they had theirs done, and it wasn’t doing an ideal job of showcasing their services.

We sat down together and talked about what made Garske Hewitt unique. It didn’t take long to discover that not only were they knowledgable attorneys, they were down to earth, easy to talk to, and able to explain complicated things in ways that made sense to those of us that didn’t go to law school. So, we wanted the website and its content to reflect that.

Garske Hewitt had an existing logo that they wanted to keep, so we decided that the best course going forward would be to recreate the logo in vector format, providing them with a variety of colors and uses. We also selected two typefaces that would represent their brand voice, along with a color palette that complements the logo and would translate well to a web presence. We then took the existing content, re-mapped it to a new content structure, and worked together to expand content where more information needed to be provided. We also created a call to action placed prominently in the menu for clients to access the client portal. The website was optimized for SEO with focus keywords, updated meta title and description, social sharing, and more.

Beyond the website, we also took updated photos of the entire team, created new brochures, and designed a billboard that has several instances in high-traffic areas in and around the Great Lakes Bay Region.