Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra

The Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra

The Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra needed help organizing and implementing their marketing strategy — especially when faced with challenges of COVID and taking an entire orchestra primarily into the digital space until things slowly started returning to normal.

Our first step was to re-collect their brand assets and expand on what existed. Aberro Creative had originally done the branding, but it was being lost in the current marketing efforts. We reached out to Aberro to obtain the original files, created an easy to follow brand guideline, and created additional brand assets based on what currently existed.

With COVID it became imperative that we focus a large aspect of marketing to social media, so we had a meeting where we set SMART goals. We created a content calendar that took the guess work out of posting, and helped strike a balance between sales posts and informational/engaging content. We placed a heavy focus on Facebook, crafted a strategy for Instagram, and continued posting to Linked In, Alignable, and Google MyBusiness.

When it came to supporting marketing materials, we made sure to design assets that were in-line with the brand, creating consistent, professional, recognizable, and eye-catching designs. For major events, sub-logos were developed and in some cases unique branding. We also created videos to gain organic growth, and also in paid advertisements used with CTAs to drive conversions.

The efforts have paid off.

For Facebook, in April, we set a goal of reaching 4 thousand likes before the end of the year. We met and surpassed that goal with 3 months to spare, and moved our benchmark accordingly. Engagement increased 233%, organic reach increased by 173%, and impressions increased 143%. We also increased conversions to the website through social media, nearly doubling the traffic count and driving them to key pages that lead to ticket sales and donations.